04 March 2010

Coming Together in Helen - trip one

     Coming together as family is good, it's important. We don't do that very often with my husband's family. It's pretty monumental actually, the last time the three brothers were all together was 2.5 years ago when their grandmother graduated to glory (ie. passed away). The oldest brother's son is a medic in the National Guard and is being deployed to Afghanistan or more likely Iraq in the next few weeks. So, this was the monumental event that brought us together. We gathered in Helen, Georgia which was midway between the ones farthest away....6 hrs from Raleigh, 6 from Birmingham. Unfortunately my two sons couldn't make the trip..the oldest couldn't afford to give up two days pay and the youngest had his final basketball tournament.
      Isn't it funny how with family and some friends you just fall back into easy conversations like you just saw each other on Sunday?  It was unbelievably cold, as the photos show but the lodgings were good, the food was good and the fellowship was good.  Our prayers go with Galen as he goes about the good work of a medic in a hostile environment.

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