04 November 2009

Wow, very cool family trees

I stumbled upon a blog by way of a class I am taking that has the most amazing family trees. The image above is just an image for this post not her work.  Stephen is very big into geneology and would love them. You can see them here  :) She also sells them in her Etsy shop here . Check them out to see if it's something that may be perfect for that hard to buy for person on your Christmas list!


  1. Thanks for the link, Beverly.

    P.S. Your chicken card is a.dor.able.

  2. i spotted those family trees yesterday and was also very impressed, they are lovely

  3. These trees are popping up all over the place! Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Hi, just had to check in with another fellow classmate from Shimelles class. Cute card and thanks for the link about this tree, it looks lovely.


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