24 November 2009

Knitted Pumpkin by MJ

One of my bestest friends, MJ made this for me and left it on my doorstep yesterday.  She is a very talented knitter and I get lovely, unique gifts from her. My guys were all impressed, the 17 year old said "That is ridiculous!" translation: very cool! I took it to school to show one of my students that knits. I had 5th grade boys huddled around my deask asking if they could have it!  Thanks MJ, I hope you, Jeff, Pandaman and Spike have a very blessed Thanksgiving!


  1. That is amazing.....did she use a pattern or just make it up herself?!

  2. she used a pattern and has made several sizes..this is the largest but you can't appreciate the size bec of the way i took the photo

  3. It's fantastic! I've never seen anything quite like it before. I'm sure little ones would be very cute too.


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