21 November 2009


   Today (Saturday) at 4:00 pm EST you are invited to take a free trip around the world! Forty bloggers from around the world will simultaneously post photos looking out their kitchen windows, some with text, some not, some will also share pics of their scrapping space, I will not (way too messy right now). So if you want to catch a glimpse out the kitchen window from the different parts of America, the United Kingdom, China, Australia, New Zealand and points in between join the blog party starting here at 4pm
    I am bringing a gift to the party...leave a comment and you get 2 raffle tickets, become a follower and you get 3 raffle tickets for the chance to win $25 worth of scrapping supplies related to travel. I will have one of my sons draw the name Monday, Nov. 23. The prize will of course be mailed to the lucky winner somewhere in the world :)

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  1. I bet it is lovely in spring, it still looks nice and green.


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