18 June 2009

Card Deconstruction Transformation

A friend sent me this card, well, not THIS card but parts of it. It was beautiful, wish I had known I was going to do this, I would have taken a pic of it :( Her base card was black,the sentiment was matted on black and the center of the green flower was a green jewel brad. I changed the base card and matting to blue, added the blue and white polka dot flower and the sugar dipped blue brad. Love the way we can all take the same basic ingredients and create with such different vision. Thanks, Gloria for the inspiration!


  1. I love this card. I visited your store site and like the journals that you make. Do you actually have a physical store? Just curious since I live in the area.

  2. Hi Lisa! I don't have a physical store but do bring things to people for them to look over and do various shows. I do alot of custom work so if I don't have a product in colors that work for you, we work together to get what you like. I also have 2 binders of graphic choices for personalized pads. I am working on updating the product line and a sales brochure...both should be available soon. If you'd like to be on mailing list send your mailing info to me at beverly@BEglorious.com Thanks for checking me out and have a glorious day!


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