13 February 2009

Valentine Ingredients

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day so I have been playing with valentine centered supplies this week. I'll post pictures of the end results Sunday, wouldn't want anyone to sneak a peek at their valentine. Interesting, of the two sons and their GFs (girlfriends) one couple is very Valentine inspired, the other sees it as a commercial scam, nice how it worked out that each found a like minded partner. I guess Stephen and I fall between the two. We acknowledge the day but believe in doing special, unexpected "valentine" things throughout the year. We tried for a number of years to do it "properly" and go out for a nice dinner but the service and food were always dismal and we decided it was ridiculous to go out that weekend. Last year the romantic son cooked a special dinner by candlelight for special girl and got her there blindfolded. Must say even though they all three have different approaches I live with three very thoughtful, loving, female appreciating guys :)

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