03 February 2009

dedicated to Diane

Diane wishes I would post every day, doubt that is going to happen but I will try to get things more lively LOL Good morning, dear friend even though I am writing this Tuesday night! I hope your journey south on the train was uneventful. I loved you being here :) 67 degrees the other day with you here and as soon as the train pulls out the snow starts! We may get 2-4" and they have already called for a 2 hr school delay, at least you won't have to have Candace jealous that you are in snow and she's in sunny Florida.

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  1. How lucky I am to have you as a friend, mentor and someone who listens to me. I always have the greatest time when we are together and I love your family too. Looking forward to March. Love always, your dedicated friend. Di


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