10 November 2008

It's here.....in a few hours ;)

Not yet but later today I will publish the store to the internet. I'll send out an e-mail letting you know when it's ready. I've realized that I'll probably be adding things as the week goes on.

Aren't my flowers beautiful? My friend, Susan brought them yesteday!Stephen and I are meeting with SCORE (small business advisors at 9:00). Their office is downtown soooo girls in the 'hood I think I might just have breakfast at Big Ed's :)

The focus group sessions went great. Thank you so much to those that attended for giving me a couple of your weekend hours and your input but more than anything thank you for being so supportive of me. Told you your faces would make it to the internet! Huge hugs to Angela, Laura Lee, Pam, Mary Jane, Kim, Susan, Pam (I have two :> ), Jane, Lynne, Bootsie, Judy, Terry, Barb and always to my sister, Debra!

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