29 March 2012

Senior Olympic Synchronized Swimming


A friend sent me this video last week and I loved it, thanks Barb! I had to share with ya'll because I know it's going to brighten your day...if there is someone else in the room you may want to let them watch with you.

related fact...I performed in a water ballet (synchronized swim) at Camp Circle Bar M in Virginia when I was 11. My cousin and a few others that didn't know how to swim walked around the pool tossing flower petals into the water at the beginning. With this new age approach they could be swimmers too!

bonus breakthrough - I just realized I may have actually seen this before, may have even posted it but with mid age comes the beauty of all things becoming new again lol


  1. I logged into Google Reader with the thought of "I'm just going to take a quick peek..." and then I took the time to watch this video. Haha! I loved it. Thanks for the early morning giggle before I start my daily grind. ;o)

  2. That is priceless! I thoroughly enjoyed that and very much needed it today!

  3. That DID make me smile! TFS!
    Alison xx

  4. I'm definitely smiling this afternoon and think I have to file this idea away for a future event! :>)

  5. oh that made me chuckle! he he! Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! How lucky am I to have a blog friend like you! I will look out for that word verification post. I had no idea mine was even turned on!


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